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Banka pod vašim prstima

Banca Intesa je, u okviru projekta „Banka pod vašim prstima”, predstavila brend ambasadora novog digitalnog bankarstva, svetski poznatog violinistu - Stefana Milenkovića

Banca Intesa and Stefan Milenković announce partnership on “Bank at your fingertips” project

In accordance with our commitment to continuously improve the user experience for our clients with the aim of improving their overall satisfaction with the Bank’s services, within the “Bank at your fingertips” project, Banca Intesa presented a brand ambassador for new digital banking, world-famous violinist: Stefan Milenković. 

“I am glad that I am able to say that commitment to digitalisation over the last few years has truly given a great contribution to changing the habits of users in favour of new technologies. This is further evidenced by the fact that half a million of our clients in total have gone digital, and that on average, every second client interacts with the bank via their mobile phone. With this information, and with the importance of digital technology for our operations in mind, we were unanimous in deciding that the new digital banking deserves a recognisable name and face, whose career illustrates the values which we build and nurture at the Bank as well. With an artist like Stefan Milenković, who is a true ambassador of our country, and who, thanks to his work, academic experience and virtuosity, has fans all over the world, I believe that we can introduce to clients, in a direct, modern and creative ways, the features and new elements which will enable them an even more advanced digital experience,” stated Darko Popović, President of the Executive Board of Banca Intesa.

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