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Intesa Sanpaolo Group successfully closed financing in favour of Farmina Pet Foods d.o.o.

Belgrade, 27 July, 2022 - Intesa Sanpaolo Group, through Banca Intesa Beograd, its fully owned subsidiary and market leader in Serbia, successfully closed EUR 11+ million financing in favour of Farmina Pet Food D.o.o. Indija, belonging to Farmina Pet Foods Holding, to support Company long term investment needs.

Farmina Pet Foods Holding, incorporated in 1965, is a Company specialized in high-quality wet and dry dog and cat food for more than 50 years; further, the Company is actively liaising with local Institutional counterparty across Europe to spread advisory services through its Health Management Program.

Thanks to a continuously growing demand for high quality pet food around the world, the CAPEX financing made available by Intesa Sanpaolo will support Farmina Pet Food Group to consolidate the international positioning by increasing the current production capacity and further differentiate its products adding-up new production lines.

Further, Company plants expansion & upgrade will unlock hiring of local labour and technicians thus making the overall EUR 12+ investment eligible to access the Serbian Government incentive program which is channelled toward those initiatives with an expected positive impact on the social and economic environment.

“Being one of the leading Banks in the European landscape, Intesa Sanpaolo Group mission is to continuously and increasingly focus to support our Clients in pursuing their strategic goals” – said Sergio Maggioni, Head of Corporate of Intesa Sanpaolo Group International Subsidiary Banks – “particularly those companies willing to grow their business international by leveraging on and bring benefits to the local economy