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Intesa Sanpaolo Group, through Banca Intesa Beograd successfully signed deal in favour of Montprojekt d.o.o.

Intesa Sanpaolo Group, through Banca Intesa Beograd - its subsidiary bank and market leader in Serbia - successfully signed EUR 12 million deal in favour of Montprojekt d.o.o., a Company operating in the energy sector, specialized in design and construction of electro-mechanical installations, production and trade of distribution plants, equipment for power distribution and control equipment. 

Incorporated back in 1993, Montprojekt d.o.o., proved successful in growing its business by continuously focusing on quality, reliability and security standards across its commitments. This made now the company able to accept and successfully carry out the most complex and largest technological projects in the region, and to partner with high-standing international Players (e.g. SIEMENS AG).

Being among the top tier banks of Montprojekt d.o.o. with a relationship spanning over two decades, BIB is proud to continuously and increasingly support Company ambition. This transaction represents another important step for Intesa Sanpaolo as it fosters ISP Group ambition to increasingly support Small Medium Enterprises as well as Large Corporation, particularly in CEE and SEE Regions where Intesa Sanpaolo Group has a selected presence and leadership positioning.