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Discover all the Digital features available inside your Mobile and Internet Banking.

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Thanks to your Digital Banking, you can take advantages of all these great features. Check them out!

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Smart Login

Access into your Internet Banking in a lightspeed, without the need to enter each time your Username.

Login inside your Internet Banking has never been so quick! After enter for the first time your Username and #withKEY password, the Smart Login screen appears, and by selecting "Activate", the next time you login to the desktop application, only the PIN or biometric data will be required.

You can activate the Smart Login feature, while you are accessing inside your desktop application. A dedicated screen will invite you to proceed with the activation and reduce the time for the next accesses.



#withKEY: the safer way to access your Internet Banking.

Thanks to #withKEY, your password is always at hand! For an always better security, #withKEY will generate each time a different number, available for maximum 1 minute.

You can find #withKEY on the prelogin screen of your Mobile App.

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Virtual Card

Generate your Virtual Card and protect your real one during online purchases!

Thanks to this feature, you can easily generate your Virtual Card, selecting the validity you need, one time or temporarily usage. Enjoy your safer online shopping experience.

Virtual Card is available inside the Menu of your Mobile Banking, under “Cards” area.

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Withdraw your money from ATM, fully cardless and just in a tap!

#withCASH gives the possibility to get your money faster on ATMs, without using the card! Use this feature easily by selecting the amount from the pre-defined values and the validity tine, and a code will be generated for you to insert it on ATM.

This feature is available both from the dedicated Menu item under “Cards” or directly from the pre-login area.

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Pick and Pay

“Pick and Pay": your shortcut to easy payment!

“Pick and Pay” allows you to scan bills data during an ongoing payment: hold on for a couple of seconds the needed field, select this feature among the other shortcuts, scan the needed information and it will appear automatically making your payments quicker than ever.

“Pick and Pay” is an option available inside main payment features: Pay Someone, Foreign Payments and Standing Order.

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Instant Payments

Welcome to the new era of payments!

Pay instantly your beneficiaries: thanks to ISP Scan, you can scan a QR Code and all the payment data will be retrieved automatically; instead, with ISP Show, you can share your QR code at your merchant store and finalize quickly your payments. Instant payments features are easily accessible from the pre-login area.

ISP Scan and ISP Show are available in the Pre-login area or directly inside the menu under Payments option. In addition, ISP Scan, can be activated also as a shortcut to pay inside the main Pay Someone solution, just by holding on the needed fields, selecting this option and scanning the QR of your payment slips to retrieve immediately all the data.

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Foreign Payments

Pay your beneficiaries around the world!

Transfer money to your contacts which have an account in your same currency, just following few and simple steps.

This payment feature is available inside your menu, under payments area and it can be started from both your Mobile or Internet Banking.

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Apple Pay

Revolutionize your payments: experience a faster and easier way to make purchases, without the need of your plastic cards.

All you need are your Apple devices: watch, smartphone or a tablet; to perform your payments in a light-speed!

Apple Pay is integrated with Banca Intesa Beograd Mobile App. Start using it by opening Apple Wallet, add a card, scan it, insert all the details and enjoy a new payment experience!

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Remote Offer

Tailor-made proposals are waiting only for you: discover new products or services without the need to go in the branch!

Your Relationship Manager will propose the best solutions for you directly inside your platforms, and once chosen the proposal that fit your needs, you can contract it directly online in just few and simple steps. In addition, you can always chat with your Relationship Manager and request the support to finalize the process.

My proposal area is available inside your Mobile app or Internet Banking. In the Mobile app, once clicked on the menu, you will find it in the horizontal option. In the Internet Banking instead, it is placed immediately in the Dashboard in the upper right-hand side.

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My Shopping Window

The place where to find all the Bank products and services available for you! My Shopping Window is composed by two areas: the Highlights and the Product Catalog. Inside the Highlights, you will find all the products in focus and active campaign for you; instead the Product Catalog is split in categories and it contains all the services and products of the Bank.

This area gives to all the customers the possibility to discover and be always updated regarding the available products and services. In addition, in case of products sellable online, you can start immediately the process from there.

My Shopping Window is a dedicated menu item present in both Mobile and Internet Banking.

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Cash loans

Contract the Cash loan you need directly from your Mobile or Internet Banking!

Realize your dreams faster! Request and contract your Cash loan fully online, without the need to go in the branch! Choose between: Laki cash loan, Intermezzo Cash loan or Senior cash loan, and follow simple steps to finalize your request online in no time at all!

Start the online contracting from your "My Shopping window" area or directly from the dedicated widget available inside "My Loan" section.

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Contract the Overdraft you need directly from your Mobile or Internet Banking!

Reach your bigger goals, faster than ever! Request and contract your Overdraft fully online, without the need to go in the branch! Follow simple steps to complete the online process in no time at all!

Start the online contracting from your "My Shopping window" area or directly from the dedicated widget available inside "My Loan" section.

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