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Money transfer

Simple and reliable money transfer

Send or receive money from abroad?


Favourable commission


Payment in the selected currency

Easily available

More than 150 branch offices throughout Serbia and a developed network

Money transfer

We provide extremely fast and secure non-cash transfer of money, whether it is foreign exchange inflows for the benefit of our citizens or foreign currency payments to users abroad.

Our most significant advantage is the availability provided by the broad network of our bank’s branch offices throughout the country, as well as highly developed correspondent network abroad.

By using receipt of funds from abroad as the most efficient and secure instrument of international payment transactions, funds from abroad are available to you on the most favourable terms and in the shortest possible time, and you can get instructions at all Bank counters or by calling our contact centre. We pay out funds from abroad in the currency in which the money was sent or in dinars, and you can also choose to convert to another currency. In this manner, you can receive monetary gift or assistance or inflow on another basis, with favourable commission.