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Housing loan approval in as little as 7 days

Get in your new apartment in as little as 7 days

Faster and easier

Only 3 arrivals to the bank until the disbursement of the housing loan

Saving time

We can collect part of the documentation for you.

Special offer untill 8/9/2023

Until 8/9/2023 take advantage of special conditions.

Without going to the bank

Check the amount of loan you can get, installment amount and make an appointment
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Realization of the loan in just 3 bank visits
First arrival

First arrival

Meeting with a specialist

On your first visit to Banca Intesa, your Magnifica advisor will guide you in detail into the housing loan approval process, help you choose a loan model and finance the cost of furnishing your apartment, and help you check the complete documentation for the apartment you choose if you have already found one. the apartment you want to buy. It will also acquaint you with all the costs related to raising a housing loan, as well as with the complete list of documentation that you need to submit a loan application and its realization.

After you collect your part of the documentation, you have the opportunity to submit it to your advisor by e-mail, and he will, along with the documentation he has collected, prepare an application for your housing loan and send it to you also by e-mail. After you sign and send a scanned or photographed application, the advisor will formally apply for your home loan, so there is no need for you to come to the bank again.

Second arrival

Second arrival

Loan approval

Your home loan is approved! On your second visit to the bank, you sign a housing loan agreement. Then, if you wish, you can authorize your Magnifico advisor to pay the mortgage registration fee, insurance premium and bill of exchange upon receipt of the notarized documentation, as well as to pay the fee for its processing on the day of your loan payment.

The advisor will previously prepare complete documentation, which must be certified by a notary as well as property-legal documentation on the basis of which the notary performs the certification and send it to you by e-mail, so you do not have to take extra time to collect it, but also to think about whether all the necessary documents have been submitted.

Thrid arrival

Thrid arrival

Loan realisation

You hand over the notarized documentation to the Magnifico advisor on your third visit to the bank, when you will agree with him on the date of payment of your housing loan, after which you can plan to move into your new apartment. It is necessary that on the day of payment, you have enough funds in your payment account to collect the remaining costs.

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