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Summer travel arrangements in installments

Travel arrangements in instalments

Whether you wish the Adriatic or the Aegean Sea, or a trip to an exotic destination, plans for your summer vacation can already begin, because you can pay for the selected trip in installments with Banca Intes credit and debit payment cards.

In addition, you can now take advantage of discounts for early payments currently approved by travel agencies. It is enough just to mention when purchasing the desired arrangement at the travel agency office that you want to pay in installments with a Banca Intesa payment card.


You can make purchases in up to 24 installments with credit cards, as well as in up to 12 installments with debit cards.

Payment in installments with a debit card is automatically approved by the Bank if certain criteria are met.

The fee for paying in installments by debit card at the merchant's point of sale is calculated for each installment and amounts to RSD 50 for all types of payment accounts except for:

  • Intesa Hit Plus payment account, fee per installment 40 RSD
  • Intesa Magnifica payment account, no fee


You can pay for arrangements in installments at domestic agencies with which Banca Intesa has a contract. You can view the list of agencies here. The number of installments is determined by the travel agency and is usually from 6 to 12 installments.