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Important notice - sms with malicious content

In order to protect your data, we ask that, if you see ads on social networks with an invitation to EARN EXTRA or EASILY, do not follow the instructions from the ad, or from the pages to which the ad takes you, and do not leave your data or make a payment money to the accounts of unknown persons for the sake of promised earnings, because these are fake ads and websites.

Until now, the fraud system through these ads involved registration by entering a phone number on an online platform, after which he would receive an offer via Whatsapp from a sender with a foreign phone number (for example +682) for initial earnings of 500 RSD for liking content on YouTube.

Then he would receive an "access code" for the payment of money and a link to a chat group on the Telegram platform. After that, within the same company, he is introduced to new "missions" and tasks, which he must complete in order to earn even more. A condition for achieving higher earnings is the payment of deposits, which are made to the accounts of several domestic banks.

The condition for further additional and increasing earnings is the payment of a "deposit", which is made to the accounts of various domestic banks. From mission to mission, users are asked to pay more and more, in order to supposedly achieve even greater financial profits.

In some situations, the number of the account to which the user should make the payment is changed, and the amount is increased, as a condition for the user to be refunded the entire amount. In the end, this does not happen, but the money remains in the accounts of the organizers of this fraudulent activity.

We have taken all actions and removed the site where the original registration link was available, however, please remain vigilant, as communication takes place through other channels, such as Whatsapp and Telegram applications, and possibly through other sites and networks.

Also, you can be reminded about how to protect your money and data HERE.