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We have been informed that several of our clients have received a link that leads to a website where there is an invitation to complete a survey allegedly conducted by Banca Intesa in order to win a cash prize. So far the surveya have been titled „Cenimo vaše povratne informacije i učinićemo sve što možemo da nastavimo da vam pružamo uslugu kakvu zaslužujete. Poklon od nas vama”, Saznajte koliko akcije Banca Intesa mogu povećati vaš prihod. Investrati sa Banca Intesa 23.000, uzmite mesečno 131.000” and „Saznajte koliko akcije Gazproma mogu povećati vaš prihod”.

We also remind you that there are fake ads available on the Facebook social network that lead to a link through which our clients are invited to fill out the registration form and invest a certain amount of money in order to generate passive income. Until now, the ads have had the messages: „Lako se zaradi. Uložite 21.500 RSD i ostvarite pasivni prihod od 215.000’’, „Saznajte koliko akcije Gazproma mogu povećati vaš prihod” or „Revolucija u svijetu investicija. Investirajte od 25.000 RSD i ostvarite pasivan prihod od 132.000 RSD svake nedelje.”

In order to protect your data, we ask that, if the link reaches you, do not fill out the prize survey and close the page immediately, as well as not open ads inviting you to invest money and generate passive income, that is, if you do open them , you do not follow the instructions for filling out the registration form. It is important to keep in mind that the amounts in messages and advertisements can be changed.

We have undertaken all the activities in order to remove the site where the survey is available, as well as the Facebook page and the site where the registration form is available, and we note that all information about our current offers is available on the official website www.bancaintesa.rs, as and that we send notifications to clients exclusively through official communication channels, which, along with other security recommendations, can be recalled HERE.