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Bancassurance partnership for Serbian market

Banca Intesa has announced a partnership of Intesa Sanpaolo with insurer Generali for the Serbian market with the aim to strengthen the bancassurance business in the country and provide a comprehensive offering for families and companies.

This partnership combines good knowledge of customer needs and developed business network of Banca Intesa with Generali's extensive experience in developing and offering insurance products. In this way, a service model will soon be introduced in the Serbian market based on the operation of a single team comprised of experts at the international and local level in order to provide customers with the most appropriate bancassurance solutions and improved quality of the services offered.

A new umbrella brand “BE PROTECTED” has been created to help reinforce the bancassurance business. Its graphic design with carefully selected typography intuitively and directly strengthens the message of the protection concept and the value that these products bring to the bank's customers.