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Banca Intesa leader in granting subsidized loans to corporate sector

Banca Intesa placed more than 7,300 subsidized loans for solvency and working capital in 2014, in the total amount of RSD 19.35 billion. This has once again positioned the bank as the leading one in the country in terms of floating of loans with subsidized interest rates.

Almost two thirds of funds, more than RSD 13 billion, have been allocated to SMEs, following the conditions defined within Decision of Government of Republic of Serbia.

Since 2010, Banca Intesa has participated in all the previous subsidized loan programs as the most active commercial bank with a market share of 25% in the total number of granted loans. With this, it proved to be a reliable partner to the state in implementation of measures focused on recovery of the corporate sector.

Also, since 2008, the bank has carried out all the programs of subsidized loans for registered agricultural households, and in 2014 only, the bank floated more than 1,200 short-term and long-term loans to agricultural sector, with subsidy on interest rate in the total value of RSD 914 million.