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Banca Intesa proclaimed best farmers in 2014

Banca Intesa has declared the winners of the second annual Intesa Farmer competition, a selection for best farmers in the following categories: vegetable growing, crop farming, fruit growing and cattle breeding. Following decision of a jury of experts, Stipan Štrangar from Bački Monoštor has been declared a winner of the competition Intesa Farmer 2014 in the category of Intesa Crop Farmer, Milan Tomović from Koštunići in the category of Intesa Vegetable Grower, Tatjana Horvat from Donji Tavankut in the category of Intesa Fruit Grower and Mikloš Balaš from Čantavir in the category of Intesa Cattle Breeder.

Banca Intesa has awarded the best participants in the competition with study trips to the International Fair of Agriculture SIA, in Paris (Salon International de’l Agriculture), which is taking place in February 2015, as well as with gift-vouchers in the amount of 100,000 RSD for the purchase of raw materials or fodder at partner companies.

“In a year when a substantial number of farmers have faced with the decline in yield as the best case scenario due to bad weather conditions that were not recorded in recent history, it was even more difficult to find those who have managed to maintain a continuum in operations on representative level and to achieve enviable business results. This is precisely the reason why, in my opinion, all participants in this year’s Intesa Farmer competition are winners already because they have managed to adjust their operations to conditions that are somewhat more difficult and to achieve a desired growth”, the member of Banca Intesa’s Executive Board and the Manager of Retail and Small Business Division Darko Popović said.

237 agricultural producers who are Banca Intesa's clients applied for the second Intesa Farmer contest, and the jury selected winners based on the annual results achieved through agricultural production, involvement of their family members in production process, storage capacity, the implementation of modern technologies and promptness in meeting payments to the Bank.