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Humanitarian initiative of Banca Intesa and MasterCard

Banca Intesa and MasterCard launched the „Be a part of a good deed“ humanitarian campaign in order to contribute additionally to dealing with consequences of the devastating floods. For every payment with Banca Intesa Maestro and MasterCard payment cards in the country and abroad, in the period from July 1 to 31 this year, Banca Intesa and MasterCard will donate RSD 10 as support to the families hit by the floods. It is estimated, based on an average number of transactions made with these cards in the past period, it is estimated thatthe total amount of Banca Intesa’s and MasterCard’s financial support will exceed RSD 10 million.

„Users of Banca Intesa Maestro and MasterCard payment cards, make around one million payment transactions per month. We hope that during this campaign, when their transactions have an additional, humanitarian value, also, the citizens will resort to payment cards more often then to cash and thus help us achieve or even exceed the expected amount of the donation. The cooperation of Banca Intesa and MasterCard is the latest among the initiatives that we are carrying out in order to express understanding and solidarity toward the citizens from flooded areas“, said Darko Popović, Member of Banca Intesa Executive Board and Head of the bank’s Retail Division.

Banca Intesa has so far donated total of RSD 15.5 million to help the citizens of flood-hit municipalities and to contribute to dealing with flood-caused consequences. Besides cancelling charging fees on donations to specific-purpose humanitarian accounts, the Bank also prepared a special set of benefits for all clients from flood-hit municipalities, whether they are natural or legal entities.

„The solidarity with others that we express in difficult situations is decisive for recovery and we believe that the initiatives that promote the solidarity spirit are precious. As a company that has operated in Serbia for years, we find it very important to to help in all ways we can. It is with that goal that, together with our long-standing partner, we launch a campaign through which, while making their everyday payments with their cards, the citizens will do good to their compatriots who need help.“, said Arthur Turemka, Master Card General Manager for the Balkan Region, concerning the humanitatian campaign carried out in partnership with Banca Intesa.

In order to provide support when it comes to dealing with consequences of floods in the Balkans, MasterCard donated around RSD 11.6 billion to the Red Cross for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moreover, MasterCard also enabled its employees to take part in providing support to dealing with the consequences of floods in the Balkans through its internal „Equal donations“ program, within which, for every donation amounting to $25 or more, the company donates that same amount to the Red Cross and thus doubles the donations of its employees.