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Special Banca Intesa car loan offer

Banca Intesa has provided more affordable conditions of loans for purchasing motor vehicles for all the interested citizens regarding the car fair, BG Car Show.

To all the citizens who apply for a car loan to April 11, 2014 the bank will grant this type of loan with a lower interest rate. More affordable loan conditions are envisaged both for loans in dinars and euros. This loan can be used for purchasing new and used vehicles from legal and natural entities.

The dinar-pegged loan will be available with a fixed interest rate which amounts 19% on the annual level. The dinar-pegged loan is granted without downpayment, in the minimal amount of 500,000 dinars and a repayment period up to 60 months.

Also, during the promotional period citizens are not obliged to transfer their income to Banca Intesa to become users of the bank’s car loan.