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Banca Intesa announced the start of third contest 'Prove yourself 100%!'

Banca Intesa started the third cycle of student contest ‘Prove yourself 100%!’, contest for talented Serbian students in making projects in the field of client satisfaction management.

Students of the 4th year of all the state and private faculties in Serbia, senior undergraduates, as well as students of master and doctor studies of social sciences and humanities, natural and mathematical sciences, and technical and technological sciences, have the right to apply for the contest. Students can apply if they have a minimal average grade of 9.00, good knowledge of English, presentation skills and if they are not over 26 years of age at the moment of applying.

Candidate selection will be done by the HR sector of Banca Intesa, and 12 selected students will be divided in 6 teams, within which they will make solutions for tasks from the field of improving client satisfaction. Each team will be given a mentor throughout the project.

During June, a professional committee comprised of representatives of Banca Intesa, Intesa Sanpaolo and academic institutions, will declare the winning team, which will represent Serbia at the final contest of Division of international banks, members of the ISP group in Italy. Banca Intesa will award winners of the contest in Serbia with monetary tuitions in the amount of 1,000 euros per team member and vocational training in the bank, while a 700 euro award will be given to the team that ranks 2nd. Other 8 students will get 300 euros for taking part in the project, and all the contest participants will be given Intesa Sanpaolo certficiates. The two students that win the first place at the final competition in Italy will undergo professional training in the headquarters of Intesa Sanpaolo Group or will get a reward amounting to €1.500 per person.

Submitting applications can be done by March 20 this year via e-mail address csuniversity_award@bancaintesa.rs, where students need to send a filled out application form, resume, letter of recommendation of a professor and a motivational letter. The application form and additional information can be found at the Bank’s official website www.bancaintesa.rsand Facebook fan page of the project www.facebook.com/dokazise100posto, where online application is also possible.

Banca Intesa is realizing the project ‘Prove yourself 100%!’ in cooperation with parent group Intesa Sanpaolo.