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Lower interest rates on cash loans

Banca Intesa has reduced the interest rate on Intermezzo cash loan in dinars, a unique loan in the market that offers the possibility to postpone payment of a monthly instalment. This loan model will be available to all clients of the Bank by April 30 this year with an annual nominal interest rate of 19.89%. The interest rates have been adjusted even for citizens who are not the bank’s clients.

’Intermezzo cash loan was created as a response to citizens’ specific needs having in mind the unfavourable economic situation, as well as conditions due to which clients are increasingly more careful when it comes to borrowing. Guided by a responsible relationship toward its clients, Banca Intesa is not only developing financial solutions that meet their real-life needs, but is also using every opportunity to make them as affordable as possible by monitoring signals from the market,’ said Darko Popović, member of Banca Intesa Executive Board.

Also, in the same period, Banca Intesa reduced the interest rate on refinancing loans in dinars for clients who do not receive their income via the Bank. Besides enabling clients to join their financial obligations regarding the current account, credit cards and loans, this loan model will also offer the option of a cash loan.