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Banca Intesa donated charity packages to seniors

Banca Intesa donated charity packages to low income senior citizens in Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac as well as the time of its employees who socialized with the seniors as a part of corporate volunteering programme ‘Intesa from the Heart’ (Intesa od srca).

The humanitarian help in the form of staples and home care products was given to members of the elderly club from the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization in Novi Sad, Association for Local Development Kamenica, near Niš, and Viktorija Association in Kragujevac.

The aforementioned organizations were visited by about 60 members of Banca Intesa volunteer club, and the package distribution was accompanied by an adequate program and socializing with members of the senior citizens’ clubs. Banca Intesa has organized the whole campaign in cooperation with the Trag Foundation.