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Even stronger market position in all card operations segments

During 2012, Banca Intesa increased the number of issued payment cards by 8.9%, thus additionally strengthening its position as the leading bank in the Serbian market in the card operations segment with a total of 1.26 million cards issued, of which 895,000 are debit cards, 319,000 credit cards and 47,000 business cards. In the total portfolio of the Bank's payment cards, the most common are MasterCard and Visa cards with a share of nearly 89%, while the remainder of 11% are American Express and DinaCard brands.

A total of 32 million transactions were carried out last year with cards issued by Banca Intesa, which is 15.9% more compared to 2011, which made the market share of the Bank in this business segment rise to 22.8%. On the other hand, the turnover achieved using Banca Intesa cards was increased by 17.8%, reaching 1.22 bln euros, i.e. 24.4% of the total value of turnover in the market. When it comes to online transactions, the spending realized through Banca Intesa payment cards amounted to 23 million euros in 2012, which is 36.8% more compared to the year before that. The average amount of bills regulated through the Bank's cards was about 48 euros, and the most frequent expenses were paying for transport services of airline companies - a total of 3.45 million euros, or 15% of the total turnover.

With nearly 23,000 POS terminals, the Bank had the biggest and most developed network on the level of domestic banking sector at the end of last year as well. The turnover achieved through that network makes up 48.1% of the total turnover at POS terminals in Serbia.