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Intesa Sanpaolo among three “greenest banks” in the world

Intesa Sanpaolo, the parent company of Banca Intesa is one of the world’s top three green banks and the first-ranked green bank in Italy according to the research of the media company Bloomberg called World’s Greenest Banks. Intesa Sanpaolo reached this high position in the research thanks to the high level of commitment to the sustainable business operations, continuous care for environmental protection and preservation of energy, as well as the significant investments into renewable resources and ecology. Another excellent result is also the leap from the 12th position on last year’s World’s Greenest Banks to the current position.

Criteria that were applied in the research were activities in the field of reduction of the environmental risk in terms of reduced negative impact on the environment, more rational consumption of natural resources and lowering of emission of carbon-dioxide, as well as the contribution to the plan of support to the preservation of renewable energy sources and prevention of climate changes by offering specific financial products and services to clients.