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Banca Intesa wins consumers’ recognition

For the second year in a row the Association of citizens ’Moja Srbija’ declared Banca Intesa the citizens’ favourite brand in the category of banks and insurance companies and awarded it with the recognition ’My Choice in 2011’. Total of 2,000 consumers all over the country were included in the poll that the Association executed in cooperation with Belgrade Chamber of commerce within the campaign called ’Serbia has quality’ and the citizens voted for the most popular product or brand in 20 clearly defined categories as well as for favourite domestic product the favourite domestic producer.

A precondition for a product to qualify as the winner of ’My Choice’ Award is to be of domestic origin or characterized as such. The Award of the association of consumers can be granted to foreign companies which operate in Serbia as well if their operations are characterized by exceptional corporate responsibility, big investments into our country and significant number of jobs.