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Promotion party

Under the sponsorship of Banca Intesa Beograd, and thanks to the successful cooperation with football club AC Milan, Milan Park came to Belgrade for the first time. In this biggest entertainment football park in the world, great number of children enjoyed with their parents playing and improving their football skills.

Promotion party in the open air, held in the amphitheatre in front of the Museum “25. Maj” on August 13th and organized by Banca Intesa, announced this year’s Umbria Jazz Balkan Windows Festival which will be held on August 31st and September 1st in the lobby of Sava Centre. 

Great fun started with jugglers’ fire performance, Youth in Fire, and the guests enjoyed the music performed by DJ couple Nebojša Jazzmate and Spacewalker Milić, as well as performance of Naked band and finnish jazz dance DJ Samps. Several thousand people came to the promotion of Very Intesa Party, including numerous media representatives, as well as famous personalities from public and cultural life.