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10 finalists of ’The Place I love’ selected

After over four months since the start of the competition and after 1290 suggestions put forward, the panel of experts in the project called ’The Place I Love’ has chosen 10 sites for the reconstruction of which the citizens will be given an opportunity to vote by November 30. The list of the finalists of the Banca Intesa’s initiative for corporate responsibility includes: the old Turkish bath in Jošanička banja, National Museum in Vranje (Pašin konak – Pasha’s residence), Belgrade’s Gate in Petrovaradin, Wooden Church in Aranđelovac, Synagogue in Apatin, town walls in Novi Pazar, City bathing area in Sombor, a school in the village of Čumić, one of Rajac alehouses in Negotin, and the former National Library in Kosančićev venac. Three suggestions that win the highest number of votes in the second project stage will be reconstructed by the bank’s own funds in 2012.

To repeat, the project ’The Place I love’ was launched by Banca Intesa in May 2011; it has been supported by the Ministry of Culture and assisted by the non-profit organization Europe Nostra Serbia and the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments to help save the places of special sentimental value to the citizens of Serbia. The objective of this project is to keep records about and restore the places, monuments or facilities of cultural and historic importance and to raise public awareness on the importance of cultural-historic heritage and its protection. The project was inspired by the initiative ’I luoghi del cuore’ (The place in heart) which is executed in Italy by a non-profit FAI organization with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo Group.