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Promoted offer for farmers

Taking into consideration specific needs of farmers, Banca Intesa enriched the existing offer of products and services intended for this segment of clients by introducing a new Farmer Hit current account, offering many additional conveniences to the users of current accounts with specific purposes.

All future users of Farmer Hit current account will get Maestro or Dina debit cards issued by Banca Intesa, the basic package of Intesa On-line electronic service and will be enabled to use free of charge SMS notification service, to buy and sell euros at more favourable Intesa Hit exchange rate, as well as to activate the standing order option in order to pay month expenses, insurance, loan installments and other services through the Bank. All subjects of the registered agricultural economies who become users of Farmer Hit current account until the end of the year, will be exempted from paying fee during first six month of using this product.

Besides, on the occasion of the 78th International Agricultural Fair, Banca Intesa prepared more favourable crediting conditions aimed at purchase of tractors and other agricultural mechanization which will be effective until the end of May of the current year. The following products are offered to the interested farmers: subsidized loans for purchase of tractors of local producers IMT and Rakovica, subsidized RSD loans for purchase of agricultural mechanization of local producers without FX clause, as well as Farmer Invest loans. Banca Intesa grants subsidized credit models with tenour up to 84 months and applying effective interest at 4.82 % annually, whereby Farmer Invest loans are aimed at the interested farmers and the effective rate at 13.64% per annum and tenour up to 10 years is applied.