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Casco as a gift

On the occasion of “49th International Motor Show“ Banca Intesa and Intesa Leasing have prepared significant benefits for all citizens who decide to finance their car purchase from authorized dealers by means of loans or leasing.

Citizens who in the period from March 24 till end of April become users of car loans for the purchase of new cars in Banca Intesa, will receive Casco Insurance as a gift (cover for total damage and theft) through the entire term of repayment. This type of loan will be approved with a fixed interest rate up to 13 percent annually and a tenor up to 7 years, with the minimum 10 percent downpayment. Loans between EUR 3,000 and 30,000 require no guarantors or pledge, and are intended not only for clients of Banca Intesa but for clients of other banks as well; all they need is to present the pro-forma invoice from the authorized dealer and a photocopy of the identity card. Users of these loans will be relieved from paying the loan processing fee.

When it comes to buying through leasing, Intesa Leasing company will present each of its clients whose application for financing a new car is approved during the car show, with Garmin Nuvi 1300 GPS system. Those who place confidence in Intesa Leasing will be given a chance to use up the car show conditions for funding with a variable 5,99% interest rate, tied to a 3 month EURIBOR and 1MBELIBOR + 1% for RSD lease.