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Journalists have Given Recognition for Communications to Banca Intesa

Banca Intesa has been chosen as one of the business organizations that had the most successful communication with the media in 2010 according to the votes of the journalists of the Serbian most important newspapers.

The survey of the communication with the media named “Journalist- Your Friend” is traditionally conducted by the Pragma PR agency at the end of each calendar year, and journalists’ votes represent the analysis of the quality of relations with the media of the organizations and public personalities in several categories. According to Pragma’s announcement, within the category of profit organizations Banca Intesa, EPS (Electric Power Industry of Serbia) and VIP were the ones who had the best communication with the media within the category of profit organizations.

The “Media Jury”, consisting of a few hundreds journalists of Belgrade most important media, analyzes the quality of the relations between the media and organizations and public personalities in several categories: state business organizations, private companies, cultural institutions, sports organizations, humanitarian and other non- governmental organizations, state institutions, political organizations, the best press conferences, the best press materials. So far over 1,400 journalists and editors in the media in Serbia have been polled.