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Transfers from abroad now free of charge

Listening to the clients’ needs, Banca Intesa provided additional favour for loro remittance users living abroad and for their families in Serbia. The Bank will not charge fees for funds sent by clients directly to the Bank account provided that the funds are either partially or entirely termed, regardless of the term deposit period. Besides, the Bank will not charge fee for early repayment, either partial of entire, of the all termed deposit amounts.

In addition, loro remittance is one of the most efficient and safest instruments within the international payment system. The funds from abroad are paid out in the currency chosen by the user, i.e. currency in which the amount is originally sent or in RSD. Thereby, through Banca Intesa, clients may receive from abroad a cash gift, financial aid or some other income. Banca Intesa’s fees for loro remittances depend upon the amount of the sent money, i.e. the higher the amount, the lower the fees.