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Banca Intesa – Bank of the Year in Serbia

Euromoney, the leading world magazine in the field of banking and finance announced Banca Intesa Beograd the “Best Bank in Serbia” in 2009 at its annual ceremony- “Awards for Excellence”. This prestigious award is given on the basis of achieved business results, as well as an overall impression about service quality and the professional and innovative approach to business operation.

“I am proud that Banca Intesa has received this prestigious award for the first time, and its significance is even greater if we bear in mind the altered business surrounding that has marked the previous year. As the leading bank in Serbia, Banca Intesa adapted to the new market conditions dictated by the world economic crisis very quickly, opting for a strategy of putting its potentials at clients’ disposal in order to overcome the difficulties more easily. The” Award for Excellence“is yet another proof that we have chosen the right way, but at the same time it is an acknowledgement of our long-lasting orientation to approaching targeted goals and every business challenge with a maximum of professionalism and dedication“, stated Draginja Đurić, the President of the Executive Board of Banca Intesa, who received the award in London in the name of the Bank.

Euromoney ’Awards for Excellence’ have traditionally been awarded from 1992. Every year the expert jury analyzes in detail the business operation of banks and insurance companies in nearly 100 countries in the world. The common denominator for all awards to the most successful institutions is a powerful managing vision, innovation and the specificity which distinguishes them on the market.