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Banca Intesa helps students of the University of Belgrade

Banca Intesa has provided the required funds for the transport of the 8-seater raw boat that the Trinity College from the Great Britain donated to the students of the University of Belgrade. This way the Bank supported the development of the rowing sport among students.

On this occasion, the media conference was held in the premises of the Partizan Rowing Club attended by Mr. Ivory Roberts, dean of the Trinity College and former Ambassador of the Great Britain in Belgrade, Mr. Steven Wordsworth, Ms. Nevenka Žarkić Joksimović, prorector of the University of Belgrade, Ms. Маја Kоlar, head of Marketing and Communications Department of Banca Intesa, Ms. Mirjana Drakulić, president of the Counsel of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Mr. Nebojša Jevremović, general secretary of the Serbian Rowing Federation and Mr. Мiloš Тrumić, president of the Belgrade University Rowing Club.

In their address to the media, all present pointed out that this was a big day for the university sport, in particular for rowing which was one of the oldest Olympic disciplines. Everybody welcomed the readiness of the GB Ambassador, dean of the Trinity College and Banca Intesa to support the Belgrade University Rowing Club.

Besides the donated 8-seater row boat, the public was presented with other boats that the Belgrade University Club acquired in the past. This was the chance for two teams of 8-seater row boats to try their new equipment at their first training.