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Better Conditions for a New Car

For the occasion of the forthcoming car fair “BG CAR SHOW”, which will take place from 8th to 14th March Banca Intesa has prepared special benefits for the purchase of new cars which will be available throughout the whole of March. All citizens, regardless of whether they are clients of Banca Intesa or not, will be able to apply for a car loan without down payment, with tenor from 18 to 60 months and an effective interest rate of 11 percent at the annual level. Minimum amount of loan is 3,000 euros. All interested citizens have the opportunity of applying for a car loan under special conditions in all branches of Banca Intesa during March.

Special conditions through interest rate reductions due to the occasion of the car fair have likewise been prepared by Intesa Leasing. All citizens who from 8th to 20th March 2010 decide to buy a new car through financial leasing will receive a nominal interest rate of 6.99 percent at the annual level, whereas the effective lease fee rate (ELR) will range from 9.9594 percent at the annual level. Loans are approved with tenor from 24 to 60 months and the minimum down payment of 25 percent.