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Visa Electron Easy Travel card

In collaboration with Visa, Banca Intesa presented a unique multifunctional Visa electron Easy Travel Card (ETC) intended for students at all universities and colleges in Serbia. This card covers student’s ID card, benefit card and Banca Intesa Visa Electron payment card, meaning than it can be used at the same time for identifying the user, and function both as a classic payment card with numerous facilities; and it additionally combines all advantages that ETC program otherwise offers.

In addition to the visual identification by means of a digital photo of a car holder on the cover, a new ETC card has also a payment function based on a chip technology that Banca Intesa was the first to prepare in the region. Within this package students are enabled to open and maintain current account with no charges, pay for goods and services in the country and abroad, pay for exam applications, withdrawing cash from ATMs and at banks’ counters, as well as pay through internet. Anyone may top-up the card with no fee charged.

ETC is a debit card where the available balance is determined by the level of assets on the account, and total assets are available with no additional charges such as account maintenance or interest.

ETC benefit card covers all facilities witch otherwise symbolize Easy Travel card. Some of the benefits are: discount from 10 to 75% when purchasing bus tickets with 40 largest transporters, 50% discount when traveling by train in the region (Serbia, Montenegro and Srpska Republic), 25 to 40 % when purchasing air fares of Montenegro Airlines, discount at many theater and other cultural institutions, swimming pools and sport facilities, photocopy shops, libraries, computer and language schools, driving schools, tourist agencies etc.