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Banca Intesa and EBRD organise Women in Business seminar in Novi Sad

Banca Intesa and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) organised in Novi Sad today the second seminar as part of the Women in Business programme of support for the development of female entrepreneurship in Serbia.

The seminar titled “How to manage your finances and improve business with bank support“, brought together around 40 female entrepreneurs. Representatives of Banca Intesa and the EBRD, prominent lecturers and finance and banking experts helped seminar participants to improve the management of their finances by providing them with insight into the best practices of managing working capital, cash flow, income and costs, while also guiding them as to how to secure adequate bank support for the further development of business. Also, the event enabled the entrepreneurs to find out how the Business Lens diagnostic tool can support them in identifying their business´s strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly opportunities for further growth. Furthermore, it provided them with an opportunity to expand their business contact network and share their knowledge and experience with other women in business from Serbia.

The first seminar as part of the Women in Business programme was staged in Belgrade in November, with more than 50 entrepreneurs in attendance.