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All-in-one device

Banca Intesa solution for businesses

All-in-one device - Banca Intesa solution for businesses

Since it has been a market leader in the sphere of payment cards for over a decade and a half, ahead of the e-fiscalisation reform, Banca Intesa developed an innovative solution for businesses - an integrated “Payment+Fiscal Device” fully compliant with the Law on Fiscalisation, which enables the acceptance of payment cards and instant payments, and can at the same time be used as a fiscal cash register. 

“It is my great pleasure to be the first on the market to offer such an innovative and comprehensive solution to all our clients, and in this way contribute to an even better user experience in the small business segment, in which, statistically speaking, every fourth company is the client of Banca Intesa. This is another way in which, by creating a new solution, we enable both customers and merchants to make payments faster, without going to the cash register and waiting in line, and contribute to successful, simpler operations of businesses and merchants, we justify their trust and strengthen the mutual partnership, always striving to adjust the range of products and services according to their real needs,” said Željko Petrović, a member of the Executive Board of Banca Intesa.  
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