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Shaping the Digital Future with Banca Intesa

Banca Intesa, in collaboration with its parent group Intesa Sanpaolo, organized a hybrid conference called "Shaping the Digital Future" at which Marc Randolph, one of the founders of Netflix, was a special guest.

The event brought together almost 1000 clients, businessmen and partners of the Bank through the Zoom platform, while prominent experts and leaders of our largest companies, as well as senior representatives of Intesa Sanpaolo and Banca Intesa, had the opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts on the fourth digital revolution, digital futures from the perspective of different sectors. The aim of the conference was to draw the attention of the professional public to the importance of raising the level of digitalization in different sectors of the domestic economy to a higher level, to create synergies between different industries in terms of digital development, the factors influencing rapid technological progress and its impact on quality of life as well as improving the overall user experience in all areas.


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