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Intermezzo cash loan

What is important?

Who can take a loan?

You do not have to be a bank client to apply for an Intermezzo cash loan. You only need to be employed for an indefinite period of time.

If you are a bank client, you can realize the loan on more favorable terms whilst loan can be granted to clients who are employed for definite period of time.

What is the loan instalment?

Depending on your needs, and in accordance with the amount and maturity, Banca Intesa has prepared attractive interest rates for Intermezzo cash loans.

For a loan amount of RSD 600.000 for a repayment period of 71 month, your monthly installment would be RSD 10,805.

How to get a loan?

You can also realize a Intermezzo cash loan through digital banking applications if you are a registered user, in just a few steps.

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Intermezzo cash loan - special offer


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    * Interest rate depends on the amount and maturity