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Banca Intesa Mobi

Check your balance, make a payment, apply for a loan or withdraw cash via mobile

One app on all devices

Manage your finances simply and safely, via mobile phone and computer, without going to the bank. With the Banca Intesa Mobi application, perform banking services and use numerous innovative functionalities, even faster and more conveniently.

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Simply, in a few steps, activate or reactivate Intesa Mobi, following the instructions in the manual we have prepared for you.
See all the ways you can make a payment!

Transfer money through the directory

With the PRENESI option, transfer money to parents or friends without entering the account number, using only their mobile phone number. 

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Pay your bill by simply scanning the QR code
With the IPS scan option, pay your bills with the help of your mobile phone's camera and without typing data into the payment order.

Payment cards in the Intesa Mobi application


Forgot your PIN?

No problem. It's at your fingertips.

  1. From the drop-down menu, select the Card / My Cards option and click the button in the lower right corner of the Other Actions screen
  2. Select Show PIN, enter your app login code and your PIN code will be displayed on the screen
Withdraw money at an ATM without a payment card
With Banca Intesa Mobi, the m banking application, withdraw money at an ATM without a payment card
Withdraw money at an ATM without a payment card
Select the card for which you want to generate a cash withdrawal code
Confirm the action with the login PIN and the code will be generated
Choose the amount you want to withdraw and the time period for which your code will be valid
After generating the code, at the ATM, select the #withCASH option located in the lower right corner and enter the generated code

Shopping online?

For safer payment, use a VIRTUAL CARD, which you create yourself.


  1. Select the Tabs option, then New Virtual Tab
  2. Select the card for which you want to create a virtual version and set the desired amount
  3. Mark whether you want to use it once or repeatedly, and after clicking the Continue button, check the entered data and your virtual card is created

Important: The amount you define for consumption on the virtual card cannot exceed 100,000 dinars.
You need to remember the CVV code (three-digit number), because this information is not saved within the application for security reasons.

Google pay

Add your Banca Intesa card to Google Wallet and pay easily and securely via mobile.

Discover why paying with Google Pay is easy and secure:

  • There is no possibility of double debiting your account, even if you touch your mobile to the POS device twice
  • To be able to add a payment card to Google Pay and pay in stores, you need to set a phone screen lock
  • If you turn off your phone screen lock, Google Pay will remove your virtual account number from your device for security reasons
  • Google Pay does not store card information on the phone; if the phone happens to be lost or stolen, they won't be able to access the data, even if they unlock the device
Submit a request and realize a cash loan online

Need some extra cash? Without going to the Bank, you can submit an application for an online cash loan and online overdraft and the money can be in your account in 15 minutes.

Functionalities that can additionally be of use
Secure your credit

Secure your credit

By contracting a loan repayment insurance policy, you protect yourself and the financial stability of your loved ones. Now you can secure your loan even faster and easier through the process of submitting an online loan application through your mobile and electronic banking applications. Learn more about our loan default insurance offers HERE.

See the product catalog

See the product catalog

In the Product Catalog, familiarize yourself with the Bank's current offer of various products and services. According to your needs, you can apply for:

  • Online cash loan
  • Account overdraft allowed

If you wish, you also have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the conditions of other products and services of the Bank:

  • Cards
  • Savings
  • Pament account

The course of realization of credit products consists of several simple steps.

  • By clicking on the SEE OFFER button, you will be shown credit products for which you can apply.
  • By selecting the product that suits your needs and clicking the SEE DETAILS button, you will be shown its basic features: amount, repayment period and interest rate.
  • If you are offered an answer by clicking on SUBMIT REQUEST NOW, you start the process of realizing a cash loan.

You can see the entire application process for credit products HERE.

New users
Activate the digital banking service

You need a valid ID card

After opening the payment account, activate digital banking
List of branches

Find the Banca Intesa branch closest to you


User guide

If you need, you can find complete user guide HERE.