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Make safe online payments

Protection for online payments

To make online transactions in a safe and simple manner, we apply the latest technologies and the highest safety standards continuously.

Read our recommendations for secure online payment:

  • Use your payment card solely for shopping on websites of renowned companies.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the website, with the web browsers such as Google, make sure that you find out more about the selected dealer to verify whether or not they are sufficiently reliable for buying. Internet dealer’s credibility could be established additionally with the inspection of mandatory website data such as the dealer name, address, contact data, whether the data privacy policy is published for the buyers, the nature of return policy and similar.
  • Immediately prior to payment you should read all notifications about your order and get familiar with the terms and conditions of purchase accepted in that moment. Sometimes the text in small letters could contain a purchase condition that is completely unfavourable.
  • Check whether the computer from which you do shopping has updated versions of the operating system, antivirus software and internet browser in order to be certain that no malware is on the computer (virus, Trojan, spyware, malware) potentially intended for the theft of credit card data.
  • Avoid doing shopping on shared computers (Internet café).
  • Website page address containing the card data entry form, seen in the browser address field, should start with https://. Web pages starting with https:// provide safe data transfer entered with your browser on the page for data collection. Most internet browsers has the function to detect digital certificate validity by such page. If invalid (warning or fields in the address browser section marked as error will appear), shopping is not recommended.
  • Search for the lock symbol next to the web address and if marked in red or if the browser issues a warning that the certificate is invalid, no data about credit card should be entered even if requested.
  • With click on the lock symbol, you could get more information about the certificate.
  • Payment card data is entered on https page only in case of making payment.
  • Never enter the PIN code for the payment card online*.

* Some websites use additional protection in case of payments with Visa or Mastercard payment cards, requiring the entry of additional one-time password. To all users of Visa Inspire payment cards, as well as MasterCard payment cards applied for 3D Secure, Banca Intesa provided the highest protection level for online shopping through the use of additional identification programme Mastercard Secure Code and Verified by VISA. With the introduction of such function through the use of 3D secure password, Banca Intesa provided their clients with the safe online payment method that will protect them from potential card data misuse. This password is created using an SMS one-time password (OTP).

sms otp password

SMS OTP password

SMS one-time password (OTP) you receive via SMS on your phone number verified at Banca Intesa enables you to securely and easily perform transactions on the internet.