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Package payment account with basic services

Package payment account with basic services

Upon request, the bank will open a Package payment account with basic services for clients who have a legal residence in the Republic of Serbia and:

  • they do not have a dinar payment account in any bank;
  • they only have a loan servicing account and/or a dedicated bank account for the purpose of paying out funds acquired on the basis of special regulations, which is not used for executing other payment transactions;
  • as well as to their clients who have an open payment account, and request the opening of a Payment Account Package with basic services while simultaneously submitting a request to close all other dinar payment accounts.

As part of the Payment Account Package with basic services, you have at your disposal:

RSD current account

RSD current account

  • Opening and maintaining a RSD current account;
  • Payment and withdrawal of cash from the payment account at the counters and ATMs of Banca Intesa;
  • Transfer of funds from the payment account.
Digital Banking application

Digital Banking application

A modern and secure application for digital banking, with which you can quickly and easily perform banking services via mobile phone or computer.

  • Check traffic and account balance;
  • Make payments;
  • Transfer money quickly and easily to your contacts, registered for the "Transfer" service based on phone number only;
  • After payment by payment card, you will receive a notification through the application.

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Free Dina Debit Card

Free Dina Debit Card

With the Dina debit card you can:

  • Withdraw cash free of charge at Banca Intesa ATMs;
  • Pay for goods and services at points of sale throughout the country;
  • Divide the purchase into up to 12 installments without interest, while the fee is 50 RSD per installment, if you have been approved for the installment payment service by debit card.
Possibility of additional services

Possibility of additional services

The package can be upgraded with additional services, such as:

  • basic and additional Visa Inspire debit card;
  • basic Mastercard Standard credit card;
  • foreign currency payment account;
  • allowed account overdraft;
  • issuance of checks.
Account maintenance costs

Account maintenance costs

The monthly maintenance cost of the Payment Account with basic services is 150 RSD.


Banca Intesa Basic

Intesa Basic payment account

Intesa Basic payment account is available to clients who have activated it until 19.8.2022.