Banca Intesa and Laguna reading to children

Banca Intesa, in cooperation with Laguna publisher, organized an event for children at its branch at 9 Bore Stankovića Street in Vračar, featuring Uroš Petrović, one of the most popular contemporary writers of literature for children and youth.

Uroš Petrović read the most interesting excerpts from his novel “Mystery quest” and signed copies of the book, and the children, together with their parents, enjoyed the adventures and solved riddles and brain teasers from the novel. The spirit of play and holiday magic was completed by New Year gifts for the youngest and taking photos with Santa Claus.

“It’s time for a book” is another manifestation in the series of initiatives Banca Intesa carried out as a part of the project “Its time for sharing time” of its mother company Intesa Sanpaolo, which aims to familiarize the clients with the banks’ branches through different events and content.


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