Banca Intesa awards the best, the most innovative and the youngest farmers

As a part of the Intesa Farmer 2019 project, Banca Intesa awarded the most successful agricultural producers, in three categories: Intesa Farmer of the Year, Intesa Farmer Innovator and Intesa Young Farmer.

Branislav Petrov from Jaša Tomić, Sečanj municipality, is the winner in the Intesa Farmer of the Year category, thanks to exceptional yearly results in vegetable and cattle production at his agricultural holding registered in 2004. Branislav Petrov received a prize of RSD 1,200,000.

For the Intesa Young Farmer award, it is necessary for the farmer to be below 40 years of age, and to be an independent owner of an agricultural holding achieving excellent results for at least three years. The best farmer in this category was Nikola Todorov Dobrica village, Alibunar municipality, who won a prize of RSD 600,000. His 163 hectare farm was registered in 2013, and is being worked on by the sixth generation in a row to work in agriculture.

Intesa Farmer Innovator 2019 is Szilard Jenei from Subotica, who won a prize of RSD 600,000. The Jenei family had a registered holding since 2005, breeds pigs, and the family farm is today among the five most modern farms in Serbia. Using computer technology, they monitor the health of every individual animal, their feeding needs as well as the daily growth.

The jury that chose the winners included Maja Andonov, head of the Small Business Department at Banca Intesa; Milan Prostran, agri-economic analyst; Goran Đaković, editor-in-chief of Agrobiznis magazine; Marko Kesić, head of the Office for Sales to Registered Agricultural Households at Banca Intesa and Vojislav Živanović, manager at the PR and Marketing Communication Department at Banca Intesa.


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