Banca Intesa organizes humanitarian New Year Bazaar

In cooperation with several civil society organizations, Banca Intesa organized the first humanitarian New Year Bazaar during which bank employees collected around RSD 250,000 for humanitarian purposes by buying products and food and donated around 200 kilograms of food to the most vulnerable categories of society.
The purchase of Christmas and New Year presents and decorations made by the wards of institutions as part of the Centre for Accommodation and Day Care for Children and Youth with Disabilities brought in approximately RSD 230,000 and candies made by social enterprise “Naša kuća” (Our Home) a further RSD 15,000. The employees also donated 200 kilograms of food to the Food Bank for institutions which take care of the socially vulnerable populace and bought out the entire circulation of the Lice Ulice magazine for whose sellers this is the only source of income.


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