Banca Intesa and Intesa Leasing at the BG Car Show once again this year

Banca Intesa and Intesa Leasing will present their offers for leasing and purchasing vehicles at the 54th BG Car Show which will take place from March 22 to 31.

In order to make vehicle procurement as quick and simple as possible, and provide an advanced user experience for its clients, Intesa Leasing has developed a modern WEB app which it will unveil at the BG Car Show. Thanks to this innovative approach to sales, all interested legal entities and entrepreneurs who want to secure financing for new passenger and commercial vehicles up to EUR 30,000 will be able to submit a request and get a response within minutes. No documentation is required for the request to be approved, only the company id number, and clients will receive a printed certificate of approval, which they can also get via email.

When it comes to Banca Intesa’s offer, citizens have available a euro-denominated car loan to purchase new and used vehicles from legal entities and natural persons, which is granted with a fixed annual interest rate that starts at 4.5% and a repayment period from 18 to 84 months. Loan amount is between EUR 2,000-30,000 when purchasing vehicles from legal entities, and between EUR 2,000-13,400 when purchasing vehicles from natural persons and it can be increased by the amount of fully comprehensive insurance policy issued by the insurance company, or by the amount needed for absolute rights transfer tax when purchasing the vehicle from a natural person. The loan is available with a minimum down payment of 30% of the loan’s gross value.


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