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Financial Aid Notice

Notice on financial assistance to citizens of the Republic of Serbia aged 16 to 29, in order to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic of the COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Financial Aid Notice

In accordance with the Law on the Provisional Register of Citizens of the Republic of Serbia aged 16 to 29, which pays financial assistance to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Banca Intesa AD Belgrade (hereinafter: the Bank) will enable Receipt of financial assistance on payment accounts to all natural persons aged 16 to 29, who have a permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and a valid identity card, and who, when submitting the application, decided to receive financial assistance through the Bank (hereinafter: users).

Republic of Serbia - The Ministry of Finance, through the Treasury, will pay the said financial assistance in the amount of 100 euros in dinars at the official middle exchange rate of the NBS, on the day the law enters into force, amounting to 11,758.56 dinars, according to the Ministry of Finance. National Bank of Serbia, and at the beginning of February 2022.

In the case of users who have a dinar payment account in the Bank (the Bank's clients), the funds will be paid into that payment account, of which the clients will be informed in the agreed manner (SMS, e-mail, mail). Information on the payment of funds will also be available to clients via electronic banking. Clients can dispose of funds in the usual way (eg by paying with a payment card, withdrawing from an ATM, transfer via electronic banking, etc.).

Clients of the Bank who have applied for financial assistance by entering data from the new ID card, which replaced the personal document attached when opening a payment account with the Bank, will be able to freely dispose of their funds, with the obligation to update their personal IDs. data.

Clients who are minors and who have a registered legal representative or guardian on the account to which the financial aid was paid, may independently dispose of financial assistance funds, unless there is another reason for the impossibility of independent disposal of funds other than a minor, in which case that person represents legal representative or guardian, in accordance with the law.

For users who do not have a payment account in the Bank, a special dedicated payment account will be opened for the payment of financial aid, and they can be informed about that payment account and payment electronically, through the Portal of the Ministry of Finance - Treasury. The Bank will not charge for the opening or maintenance of special-purpose accounts, and funds after payment to the account can be withdrawn at any branch of the Bank, with a valid ID card.

For all additional questions regarding the payment of financial assistance, as well as the data submitted to the banks, it is necessary to contact the Ministry of Finance electronically, through the Portal of the Treasury.


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