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Million dinars for restoration of the Boško Buha theatre

As a part of its corporate philanthropy program, Banca Intesa has donated one million dinars to the Boško Buha theatre so as to help the repair of the theatre building and enable regular operations of this cultural institution in the coming period.

Besides for the restoration of theatre premises, these funds will also be used for hiring professional staff and purchasing materials and suitable audio-visual equipment.

Corporate philanthropy is an important segment of socially responsible activities of Banca Intesa. Thus, the Bank allocated over 61.33 million dinars in 2014 for support to the community through numerous cultural, educational, health and social organizations, as well as civil society organizations.

The Boško Buha theatre was founded in 1950. During its 65 years of existence, over 250 plays were performed on its stages for the audience of over 4.5 million children and parents.