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Intesa Academia

On September 21 in the Hyatt Hotel Banca Intesa is to host the meeting of prominent foreign and domestic experts in macroeconomy, monetary and fiscal policy headed by the recognized world expert – the Professor Robert Mandel, ’the creator of Euro’ and the winner of Nobel Prize, on the first business conference titled ‘Intesa Academia’. This business meeting under the slogan ‘Euro Vision’ will be dedicated to the future of Euro: to the importance of keeping the common currency strong and to developing trends in the Euro Zone countries with special emphasis on the possibilities that the process of integration with Europe brings to Serbia and to the countries in the region.

‘Intesa Academia’ Conference will be officially inaugurated by the Republic Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković. The Chairwoman of Banca Intesa’s Executive Board Draginja Đurić, the Deputy Chairman of Banca Intesa’s Board of Directors Marco Capellini and the member of the Executive Board and the Manager of Corporate Division Darko Popović will speak on behalf of Banca Intesa. The Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s Department for International research in macroeconomy Gianluca Salsecci will present the most important trends in macroeconomy in the region of Southeastern Europe and the presentation of the worldly recognized referee Pierluigi Collina will close the conference.