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Great interest for the Intesa Farmer contest

Belgrade, July 31 2015 – Over 300 agricultural producers applied for the third annual Banca Intesa contest for best farmers named “Intesa Farmer”, out of which 141 applied in the crop farming category, 23 applied in the vegetable production category, 49 in fruit production and 88 of them in the livestock breeding category.

Banca Intesa will pronounce the winners in September, and the best of them will travel to EXPO Milano 2005 Universal Exposition, and they will also get RSD 100,000 vouchers for procurement of cattle food and raw material from partner sellers. EXPO Milano 2015, a six-month exhibition dedicated to innovations and sustainable food production, is held in Italy under the sponsorship of Intesa Sanpaolo, Banca Intesa’s parent group.
Intesa Farmer contest winners will be selected by an expert jury consisting of Dr Miladin Ševarlić, President of the Serbian Association of Agricultural Economists, Uroš Davidović, editor of “Dobra zemlja“ (Good land) TV show, Predrag Milenović, Banca Intesa Small Business Department Manager, Đorđe Radulović, Head of Agriculture Office at Banca Intesa, Dragan Cvetinčanin, Loan Specialist for Agriculture at the Bank and Vojislav Živanović, Marketing Specialist at Banca Intesa.