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Media release

Share trade in branches of Banca Intesa


Banca Intesa introduced a new service enabling the citizens to perform brokerage operations in the Bank's branches

Share trade 26.07.2007..pdf (55 kb)

Banca Intesa widened cooperation with Guarantee Fund of AR Vojvodina on the promotion of Women’s Entrepreneurship


Banca Intesa and Guarantee Fund of AR Vojvodina today signed an Agreement on Long-term financing of START UP projects for unemployed women and projects for equipment purchase of women entrepreneurs with working up to three years of service, on territory of Srem and Bačka.

Cooperation with Guarantee Fund of AR Vojvodina 12.07.07..pdf (52 kb)

Intesa Sanpaolo leader in Serbia


According to the data of NBS on the results of banking sector in Serbia, achieved in Q1 of the current year, Intesa Sanpaolo Group is the leader not only in total assets, total placements and deposits but also in the amount of total capital.

Intesa Sanpaolo leader in Serbia 27.06.07..pdf (16 kb)

Lower interest rates for Laki Keš Loans in Banca Intesa


On the occasion of the start of summer season, Banca Intesa lowered its interest rates for all Laki Keš Loans approved in promotive period till 15 July.

Laki kes loans 14.06.07..pdf (14 kb)

Banca Intesa won three prestigious recognitions


According to the ranking of the London finance magazine “Finance Central Europe” and foreign consulting houses, Banca Intesa was awarded three prestigious international recognitions for 2007.

Three prestigious recognitions 05.06.07..pdf (79 kb)

Insurance and agricultural loans at your doorstep


Through cooperation of Banca Intesa and Delta Generali Insurance, as of now, farmers will,on their farms, be able to insure their crops, buildings, supplies, livestock and agricultural machines in a fast and simple way, and also get a favourable loan for improvement of production, without down payment and deposit.

Agricultural loans 18.05.2007..pdf (51 kb)

Novelty in housing loan offer of Banca Intesa


Banca Intesa is the only bank on the domestic market that enabled our citizens who work abroad, as well as foreigners who work in Serbia, to use housing loans.

Housing loans 10.05.2007..pdf (58 kb)

Revolving loan line available for small enterprises as well


New product of Banca Intesa for small business - BizLinija

Revolving loan line for small enterprises 27.04.07..pdf (49 kb)

Intesa Sanpaolo – growth in the first plan


Leading Italian banking group, Intesa Sanpaolo, at a press conference held at the Bank’s head–quarters in Milan, for the first time after the merger, presented its business plans for the next three years (2007-2009).

Intesa Sanpaolo - growth in the first plan 18.04.07..pdf (22 kb)

Card acceptance via internet – Banca Intesa


On the first day of the 7th International conference “E – commerce 2007 ”, on Palić, Mr Miloš Nedeljković, Director of Direct Channels Sector of Banca Intesa, presented the audience the payment card acceptance service via Internet (E–commerce service) that Banca Intesa offers its clients.

E commerce servis 18.04.2007..pdf (73 kb)