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Media release

Merger of Banca Intesa and Panonska bank


Management Boards of Banca Intesa ad Beograd and Panonska bank ad, on separate sessions, adopted the draft Agreement on Merger and summoned the sessions of the Shareholders’ Assembly of both banks for 17 December 2007, for final adoption of the Agreement and finalization of the integration process.

Merger of Banca Intesa and Panonska bank 16.11.07..pdf (16 kb)

Support for development of women entrepreneurship


Ms Draginja Đurić, President of the EB of Banca Intesa and Mr Goran Vasić, Director of Guarantee Fund of AR Vojvodina, have today signed an Agreement on the long–term financing of start–up projects for unemployed women and projects for equipment purchase for women entrepreneurs on territory of AR Vojvodina.

Support for development of women entrepreneurship 14.11.06.pdf (49 kb)

Banca Intesa – Sponsor of “ Grazia shopping night ” campaign


Although the first association of payment cards is mainly connected with the elegance and simplicity of payment, without cash in your wallet, the practice shows that cards offer many more additional conveniences that make them increasingly more popular and widespread means of payment in country and abroad.

Grazia shoppin night 14.11.07..pdf (16 kb)

Internet trade – development challenges


Shopping by credit cards through Internet that is a normal thing in the world for many years, has recently started in Serbia as well.

Internet trade 12.11.07..pdf (17 kb)

Results in Saving Week


In the course of Saving Week, from 31 October to 7 November 2007, 12,500 saving accounts were opened in Banca Intesa, with total of EUR 117.2 million termed on them.

Results in Saving Week 08.11.07.pdf (48 kb)

The first European bank for non–profit making sector started work


Banking group Intesa Sanpaolo founded “Banca Prossima” in Italy, the first European bank to offer its services to non–profit making sector and various social initiatives only.

Banca Intesa Prosiima 05.11.2007..pdf (18 kb)

Interest rate for savings amounting to 9% plus insurance as a gift


On the occasion of World’s Saving Day, and within its campaign “ Save, life is full of surprises”, Banca Intesa prepared especially attractive conditions for all citizens who wish to increase their funds through saving.

Interest rate for savings 29.10.07..pdf (48 kb)

Banca Intesa presenting new savers with insurance


New service of Banca Intesa
With deposit in the amount of EUR 1,000 insurance as a gift

Saving and insurance as a gift 11.10.2007.pdf (16 kb)

Delta Generali Insurance Policies in branches of Banca Intesa


Due to cooperation with partner company Delta Generali Insurance, Banca Intesa will be the first bank on the domestic market to offer its clients insurance products such as household insurance, full car insurance, life insurance with long–term loans and savings life insurance in its branches along with various loan products.

Insurance Policies 26.09.2007..pdf (52 kb)

More favourable saving in Banca Intesa


With objective to stimulate citizens to save, Banca Intesa increased its interest rates for all termed EUR deposits even up to 30%.With these stimulating measures, interests were increased for all categories of FX savings in terms of terming periods as well as in terms of the deposit amounts.

Favourable saving in Banca Intesa18.09.07..pdf (18 kb)