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International travel insurance

Međunarodno putno osiguranje

Na svakom putovanju moguće su situacije u kojima neka neprijatnost može da poremeti vaše planove i uživanje u odmoru. U saradnji sa Generali i Wiener Satdtische osiguranjem, nudimo vam mogućnost ugovaranja polise međunarodnog putnog osiguranja kako biste bezbrižno putovali i obezbedili pomoć u slučaju nepredviđenih okolnosti.

Generali Insurance

Generali Insurance

International Travel Insurance

Passport, money, approved vacation, chosen destination, good will and wide smile on your face... It’s all there. Travel insurance policy? Do not let this accidentally missed “little thing” disrupt your well-deserved rest and relaxation... This policy is for you!

The International Travel Insurance Policy is a payment method for emergency medical services during travel and during stay outside the borders of the Republic of Serbia. On every trip some inconvenience may occur that can disrupt your plan. In the event of health problems while travelling abroad, we offer you the only safe solution – International Travel Insurance! Don’t let unforeseen circumstances spoil a beautiful vacation and wonderful memories.

Types of coverage:

  • Standard coverage of International Travel Insurance: payment of hospital bills (hospitalization) and outpatient treatment, transport to the nearest doctor, referral to a doctor, medical advice, monitoring the health of the insured, paying visit to a sick child, joint accommodation with a sick child, paying visit to a close person, interpreter in case of urgency.
  • Gold coverage of International Travel Insurance: Standard + road assistance services and services of legal assistance and cash loan services, pre-travel information, return of children left without care, administrative assistance in case of theft of documents, finding and diverting luggage, information related to towing service, cash service in case of robberies, information on lawyers, reimbursement due to hospital treatment during the trip - if he spends at least 72 consecutive hours on hospital treatment due to an insured event in accordance with the Terms, the Insurer will pay fixed compensation in the amount specified in the policy/certificate.
Wiener Städtische Insurance

Wiener Städtische Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides efficient and professional assistance in emergencies that may befall you and your loved ones on the road or during a stay abroad. Seeking assistance and coverage of medical and other services abroad can be extremely expensive and complicated. With the Wiener Städtische insurance policy, you ensure that the said costs are covered by insurance in case of adverse events.

Travel Insurance Contract must be concluded before the start of the trip, and it is possible to contract an individual, family or group travel insurance policy. Travel insurance can be contracted for persons aged from at least three months to a maximum of 83 years. With the policy you can travel to all countries of the world, and it would be good to know that for some destinations, tariff surcharges that affect the amount of the insurance premium are included.

Basic coverage with Travel Insurance includes the following services:

  • Medical evacuation and repatriation,
  • Medical advice,
  • Recommendations of local specialist doctors,
  • Emergency dental services,
  • Repatriation of mortal remains.

Additional coverage expands the range of services. It includes basic coverage services and additionally provides the following:

  • Search and rescue,
  • Urgent delivery of medicines,
  • Interpreter services,
  • Sending and receiving emergency messages,
  • Repatriation of other insured participants in the accident,
  • Referral of a close person,
  • Accompanying minor children.

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