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Accounts and payments

Magnifica Premium banking

Get discounts

Up to 25% at a large number of points of sale

Intesa Magnifica payment account

Use the privileges provided by the Intesa Magnifica payment account

Premium cards for select clients

Visa Infinite, Platinum and Mastercard Platinum for the previleged ones

Open the Magnifica payment account

The most prestigious debit and credit cards tailored to your specific needs are at your disposal.

  • Save money by paying monthly bills without commission from anywhere
  • Withdraw money free of charge in the country and abroad
  • Up to 20% at a large number of points of sale

open magnifica payment account

Enter the world of luxury with Visa Infinite

A world of first-class service and luxury tailored to your needs.

  • Contact Centre support 24/7
  • Full multi-travel insurance and insurance of the purchased product
  • Realize your ideas with the help of a personal assistant

visa infinite banca intesa magnifica

World of Platinum privileges

World of Platinum privilegesYour day stops being a “usual day” because almost nothing is ordinary about Visa Platinum card. 

  • Support of our Contact Centre 24/7 and a specially provided telephone number
  • Expert teams available for any medical or legal issue
  • Provide additional health insurance for yourself and your family

visa platinum banca intesa magnifica

World of Platinum privileges

Get acquainted with the specially created benefits that accompany your lifestyle in the country and around the world:

  • Personal assistant available 24h / 7 days
  • Internet access through a global WiFi network at no extra cost
  • Comfort in over 1,100 airport VIP lounges


mastercard platinum banca intesa magnifica

Make deferred credit card payments

Banca Intesa offers credit cards of three prestigious brands - Visa, Mastercard and American Express:

  • Payment in instalments
  • Enjoy the discounts at 6,000 points of sale
  • Payment by revolving loan model

kreditne kartice banca intesa placanje na rate

Discounts are always in fashion

Check at which points of sale you can achieve discounts by paying with the Magnifica credit card.

banca intesa magnifica discounts payment cards

Safety recommendations

As with cash payments, when using the card you need to pay attention to payment safety.
Learn how to protect yourself during:

  • Payments at points of sale
  • Cash withdrawal at ATMs
  • Online payments 

safety reccomendations banca intesa magnifica

Change of payment account

You can change your payment account in any currency - domestic or foreign, in accordance with the Law on Payment Services, very simply, because all administration is completed by the bank where you open the payment account.

At Banca Intesa, at your disposal you have the Package payment account with basic services, Intesa Hit, Intesa Hit Plus or Magnifica payment account, as well as foreign currency accounts, which you can open in our branches, and we will further contact your previous bank and complete the account change process , which is described in detail in the document at THIS LINK.

The service of changing the payment account is free of charge, and the fee for monthly maintenance of the payment account is charged in accordance with the Tariff of Fees.

banca intesa payment account change

Frequently asked questions

Do you need more information regarding our services? Learn more information about:

  • Payment accounts
  • Foreign currency accounts
  • Online banking

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