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Refinancing loan

What is important to know?

Who can take a loan?

You have to be a Magnifica client to apply for an Refinancing loan. You also need to be employed for an indefinite or definite period of time, or pensioner.

As a Magnifica client, you can realize the loan on more favorable terms.

What is monthly installment?

For loan amount of 200.000 RSD with tenor of five years your monthly installment would be
4.348 RSD .

Use our loan calculator below to calculate installment for desired amount.

Combine all installments into one

Refinance your liabilities on payment accounts, credit cards and loans with a favorable interest rate and a longer repayment period.

In addition to the refinancing loan, you can also take additional cash.

Refinancing loan calculator

Calculate your monthly installment.

Loan amount

min. 0 EUR max. 0 EUR

Interest rate

Tenor 0
0 Months 0 Months


Calculation results are only informational. Total amount to be paid includes processing fee. Detailed information about this loan you can find in documents in bottom of this page.

  • Results
    • Monthly installment Fixed IR monthly annuity - EUR
    • Variable IR monthly annuity - EUR
    • Loan amount - HRK
    • Loan processing fee - EUR
    • Tenor - -
    • Total amount to repay - EUR
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