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Invest in your future

Safe place for your money

More than a billion euros of deposited funds and distribution on the Serbian market. With more favourable interest rates for both dinar and foreign currency savings, saving in Banca Intesa Beograd is the right choice.

At our bank you can buy euros at a more favorable exchange rate with a term deposit.

Invest money in investment funds

You wish to improve your financial balance for your personal safety and the safety of your family? Investing in investment funds is the solution for you.
  • By investing in financial instruments, you reduce the investment risk
  • The property of the investment fund is managed by an expert
  • By investing you can achieve an even higher expected income
investicioni fond banca intesa magnifica intesa invest

Educationally, on investing

Get informed and improve your investment knowledge.
  • Learn more about the basic concepts of investing.
  • Fluctuations in trends can be attractive opportunities.
  • Stay focused on long-term investment goals.
banca intesa magnifica intesa investiranje edukacija

Savings in a safe place

Invest your money and achieve your plans, with advice and professional help of our Magnifica advisors.
  • Redeposit at the interest rate valid at the time of redeposit
  • Transfer of funds to a foreign currency payment account
  • Transfer of funds to a dinar payment account
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I want insurance

You are buying an apartment or car, you are travelling, you want safety for yourself and your family?

As a reliable partner in all life's circumstances, Banca Intesa offers you the option to agree on various insurance products which meet all your needs.


Keep valuables in our safes

We keep your valuables safely and discreetly.